So Sue Me @ The Skeff

Last Friday I was invited, along with twenty other bloggers from my ITWBN family, to the launch of the new cocktail bar at The Skeff on Eyre Square, Co. Galway. Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me (blog) & SOSU (make-up line) was on hand on the night to introduce her own cocktail, the ‘So Sip Me’.

Siren & Soul

When I arrived, the door staff handed me a cute little gift with a voucher for The Skeff, some chocolates and a mini bottle of Hendricks gin  with tonic. We got some pictures taken and then it was off upstairs to our bloggger V.I.P. section.

Siren And Soul, The Beauty Kemple, Yummy Mummy

Siren Sera Jay with The Beauty Kemple and Yummy Mummy

The staff at The Skeff showered us with cupcakes, chocolate covered brownies, marshmallow squares, risotto, meat balls etc. They have an extensive cocktails menu with something to suit every ones taste.

Untitled design (36)

When Suzanne arrived, the place was worse than a cattle mart as over 200 people were in attendance. The MC for the night Jack Dinneen  (professional rugby player) started thing’s off with a Q&A session and then Suzanne proceeded to introduce her signature ‘So Sip Me’ cocktail. With the help of the lovely barman, Jonathan, she put her mixologist skills to use to create the kiwi and vodka based drink.

Siren & Soul, So Sip Me, Julia Dunin

The ‘So Sip Me’ Cocktail

“I am delighted to be in Galway, one of my favourite places to visit. I love cocktails and was super excited to have my own signature cocktail on the Eyre Cocktail Bar menu.” – Suzanne Jackson

Then the real craziness begun, picture time. I’ve never seen a crowd move/chase so fast. Poor Dylan (soon to be Mr Jackson) was left by the bar by himself so I took this opportunity to seek a quick selfie with the luckiest man in Ireland.

Untitled design (39)

Siren Sera Jay selfie with Dylan O’Connor

Honestly, the queue for photos was a bit overwhelming so I decided to wait until the craziness died down a bit before I approached her. I’m glad that I did as this meant I got the chance to chat with her properly as I was one of the last few there. This has been my third time meeting her and I must say, she was a sweetheart every time and has somehow always remembered me.

Siren and Soul So Sue Me

Siren Sera Jay with So Sue Me in The Skeff

I hope Suzanne and Dylan enjoyed their time in the West and come back to visit again soon. As for the rest of the night, The Skeff treated us to even more cocktails and chocolate and in true blogger fashion, we took even more selfies. All in all, I had a wonderful night which I have The Skeff, Suzanne and Dylan, and my ITWBN family to thank for.

So Sue Me, The Skeff, Julia Dunin, Siren & Soul

Sera Jay






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