My Tattoo & Piercing Experience


Luckily for me, I’ve known what and where I wanted my first tattoo to be for the past ten years (no yoke!). I’ve been obsessed with tattoos from a very young age and have always known I wanted them, but I also wanted to wait until I was older to start getting them  (possibly to dispute any claims that I got inked during some ‘rebellious stage’ and I’m instantly going to regret them when I get older).


Next up, researching the best place to get inked. I based my decision on examining the different websites, social media accounts, online reviews, artist portfolios and visiting different studios. After all this, I decided on The Ink Factory. My personal trainer (KTS FITNESS), multiple bloggers and friends had also gone there and all have had extremely positive experiences.

Capture ink

Picture Credit @kts_fitness_studio

When The Ink Factory  opened, they wanted to create a welcoming social hub in the center of Dublin City. Previously a pet store, The Ink Factory opened on No.15 Wellington Quay, employing 16 people in total. They have a barbers, a cafe, a piercer and tattooists all under the same roof. On the 3rd of February 2016, I went in to get a piercing and to book my first tattoo.


As soon as I walked inside, I was instantly made felt at ease. All the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. I was introduced to Rakan, who offered great advice on which piercing would best suit my ear shape. After showing me multiple photo’s of previous piercing he had done, I  decided on two helix piercing in my right ear. This process was quick, painless and Rakan himself was very calming. I love my little piercing and I can’t wait to replicate them on my left ear.


Afterwards, I enjoyed a wonderful hot chocolate and chatted to some of the other members of staff. I then proceeded to talk about my tattoo idea and inquired about booking. As it turned out, the lovely Sandor (he looks like he gives good hugs), who had previously tattooed my friend the month before offered to do the tattoo there and then. The tattoo is not very intricate or the most original, but it has very significant meaning to me and I love it.


Firstly he mocked up the design on a computer. We decided on the size and placement. He completed the template for me to see and prepped to start. I’m a nervous person in general and would have preferred if they were playing metal music, but when Stevie Wonder came on, I was good to go. The entire process took not much longer than fifteen minutes and hardly even pinched.

All in all, I highly recommend The Ink Factory. I went back this week to get another piercing from Rakan and was treated with the same courtesy and professionalism, as the first time I visited. I can’t wait to go back again to get more piercings and tattoos. The Ink Factory offer a set price of €25 per piercing and the tattoo itself only cost €70 (which was amazing value). When I tried to pay for my hot chocolate, I was instructed to give the money to a homeless person (did I mention that all the staff were lovely?).

Sera Jay



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