Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes

No. 3 – FLORMAR – Colour Eye Shadow Palette (Nude Dude)




I use this palette every day I do my make-up. It contains five different neutral matte brown shades perfect for creating day time looks, setting your eye shadow primer, defining the crease when working with other colours and I even use the darkest shade to define my brows. The formulation of these shadows are probably the best I’ve ever used. They are highly pigmented, extremely creamy and easy to work with. It’s quality and versatility makes this a must have item and it’s only €9.99.


swatches (1)

No.2 – Fuschia – DRAMAtise


No 2


I saw this in my sister’s goodie bag from the Irish Blogger’s Association’s conference last year and she kindly gifted it to me (…or I demanded I that have it but that’s just a minor detail). This is my first product from the Irish brand and I’m extremely impressed. These shadows are beautifully pigmented and can be easily depot-ted into a Z palette. I love the colour selection as it includes some great neutrals as well as a purple, green and navy. The only thing lacking would be some matte shades for the crease but it goes a long perfectly with my Flormar palette mentioned above. My favourite shade is ‘E/C B88 4F05’ (forth shade from the right pictured below) which is perfect all over the lip.  The packaging is light weight, includes a mirror and is reasonably priced at €25.


No.1 – URBAN DECAY – Naked 2




One can’t talk about eye shadow palettes and not talk about Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. There are four so far in the collection in which I have three of. Purely based on colour selection alone, The Naked 2 comes out on top for me. Filled with both cool and warm tones, this palette is perfect for creating bronzed and smokey looks equally. Urban Decay’s Naked 2 includes with great double ended brush and multiple eye shadow primer samples. It comes in an extremely durable tin packaging with a great sized mirror. My favorite shades are ‘Tease’ for the crease and ‘YDK’ for all over the lid. This palette contains 12 shades and is priced at €47.


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